Los Feliz and Silverlake

These adjacent areas of Los Angeles both began as part of the Rancho Los Feliz, however over time they have both developed their own unique flair.

Griffith Park Observatory above Los Feliz area

Griffith Park Observatory above Los Feliz area

Los Feliz, named for Jose Vicente Feliz, was home to the early studios of Disney and is the current home of The Prospect Studio.  It has historically been home to celebrities, musicians and the Hollywood Elite.

Silverlake (named not for the color of its reservoir but rather for Herman Silver, a member of Los Angeles’ first Board of Water Commissioners) has long been considered an eclectic haven for the creative community.

Due to the work of Richard Neutra and Frank Lloyd Wright (to name but two,) both areas have one of the highest concentrations of architecturally significant homes and structures in the world.

Franklin Hills and Ivanhoe are two hillside communities offering breathtaking views of Los Angeles and Silverlake Resevoir, making these communities some of the most desirable in these neighborhoods.

Los Feliz, lying west of Silverlake, is bordered by Hollywood to the west and Griffith Park to the north, while Silverlake shares its borders with Echo Park to the east and Koreatown to the South.