Brentwood and Pacific Palisades

These two neighboring communities are, today, home to many affluent and well know Los Angeles personalities.  But, they each had their starts in very different ways.


Brentwood grew up around the National Home for Disabled Soldiers and Sailors established in the 1880’s, while Pacific Palisades was first a home Thomas Ince’s studio Inceville then later a spiritual retreat for the Southern California Methodist Episcopal Church.

Brentwood, named for Brentwood of Essex, England, enhanced its English feel with street names such as Barrington, Gorham and Bristol.  It is divided into that area north of Sunset Blvd (mountainous, with some of the best views in Los Angeles) and the area south of Sunset Blvd, much more flat.  Both areas are kept cool by their relative proximity to the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Palisades
lies west of Brentwood and, although started as a religious retreat, it quickly became the home of such notable personalities as Will Rogers, Aldous Huxley, Bertolt Brecht, and Henry Miller.

Both neighborhoods are, today, two of the best and most notable communities in Los Angeles and their proximity to Santa Monica, The Valley and Beverly Hills make them ideal place to live, work and play.  Neighboring communities include Malibu, Santa Monica, and Bel Air.

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